You’re wasting your time.

It was the Fall of 2013.

I had just started reading Think And Grow Rich (although I’d owned it for 3 years already).

Long before I would ever start mastering Instagram or even considering it I was reposting content from my favorite accounts.

At this time I was selling cars in a small community 45 minutes east of St. Louis called Centralia.

I had moved there with my ex who was originally from there and we “planted our roots”.

Fresh out of college and baby faced to the working world I was eager to make something of myself. Sure selling cars was good money and I loved where I worked and who I worked with but I knew that I was destined for more.

There was once I was was 1 phone call away from getting a job and relocating without letting my partner know I was even looking.

This was my life.

I was working on a website that was centered around motivation and making money online. I didn’t know how to make money online but the idea was planted by Think And Grow Rich.

I knew that if I kept at it I would eventually crack the code.

I would blog about the book, repost YouTube videos that inspired me and uploaded Instagram pics or ones from across the web that caught my attention.

I had no clue what I was doing. I was just doing.

I would get told I was wasting my time by anyone who knew about my project and eventually I would can the project and quit working on it.

Focus on selling cars.. something I was actually good at.

Thinking back I was using The Mamba Method to sell cars at a high level.

I knew that my target market was married adults between the ages of 25-65. I knew that they more than likely had children. That they congregated at the local high school basketball games since this was home to America’s Winningest Boy’s Basketball team.

I would volunteer to work the basketball games and go do what no one else wanted to do. Selling tickets and doing the half time contest. I would even go as far as to wear a pink gorilla outfit, head and all (omg it was so hot!), just to get all eyes on me.

I mean it went to a great cause anyways.

I would also participate in a football Pick’em pool with the local newspaper. My target demographic definitely read that.

Every person who came on to that lot I would speak to.

After speaking with them I would send them a card thanking them for speaking with me.

I would track all of my interactions in a composition book and see what objections I was getting.

I would calculate my conversion rates.

Funny thing is that after all of this activity and constantly working my cold, then warm leads I would start selling more and more cars.

I would have a pipeline bursting with potential buyers and the process slowed down for me.

Eventually i would have warm inbound leads come daily and even after I quit working there because I had built up my pipeline so strongly.

I created a strong network.

Today I sit here on my couch and work. Take calls with clients and warm inbound leads. Write pieces of my book. Telling my story.

I’m making 100% of my money online and loving it.

Guess I wasn’t wasting my time after all.

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