It’s a simple concept really.

Really stupid simple to be completely honest.

Most of us Creatives, Entrepreneurs & Influencers lack focus and it’s killing our businesses.

Do you lack focus in your life, business and relationships?

I know you’re over nodding your head saying, “Damn Eddie, are you reading my fucking mind?”

Even those who don’t say “fuck” know you thought though.

This is why you lack focus..

You have no clarity, no plan, no one to hold you accountable and you aren’t setting deliberate intentions.

That’s right.

You think you do. You think you are.

You aren’t.

You running around using words that you think are meant to be positive.

Making statements. Using the “Law Of Attraction” but you aren’t actually doing it properly.

Let me tell you a little story.

When I was living my previous life I was always telling myself I DIDN’T want to be broke anymore.

I DIDN’T want to have a job anymore.

I DIDN’T want to live in scarcity anymore.

I [insert negative] (insert desire).

That’s the recipe for disaster.

It wasn’t until I started telling myself and writing it down that “I CAN”, “I WILL”, “I HAVE”, “I AM” that I started to see real change happen in my life.

Guess what writing it down did for me?

It made it real.

Like writing a contract with myself, God and the Universe.

What I desire, what I want & what I focus on is EXACTLY what I get.

Good and bad.

I focus on the good with all of my being and this has become the greatest habit I’ve adopted in my journey towards success.

I told myself I was going to move out of Grams house. I wrote it down. That same day I found the home I live in today.

I didn’t even find it.

It found me.


I work with this concept with my clients from Day 1.

It’s important for them to understand what it is they want and how to get it.

What it feels like.

What they’re going to do when they get what they desire.

What they need to do to get there.

That they need to remind themselves daily of what it is they are after in life, love and business.

This is what sets the motion for the amazing results that they get during the next 90 days.

90 days of straight getting shit done in a focused, abundant and successful frequency.



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