11 Days
$14,000 In Sales
$0 Spent On Paid Ads
Gratitude: Priceless

This was not an accident.

It was December 2010.

What started out as me looking for a job for my girlfriend turned into me finding a Direct Sales opportunity on the Eastern Illinois University Job Board.

By January 2011 I was leading the nation in sells from my small, one bedroom apartment in Charleston Avenue off of Arthur Street. Just down the street from a Casey’s General Store & Gas Station. If you know anything about Central & Southern Illinois it’s that each community has at least 3 things:

Casey’s General Store & Gas Station
Dollar General
Monical’s Pizza

Usually all three are right next to each other.

It was here that I was learning how to execute The Agency Expansion Model in a business environment.

I was 21 and wanted very badly to succeed in my own business venture.

My friend and I would sit in my living room that Spring and mastermind how we could take over the Screen Printing game at EIU and beyond. By that summer we had started my first business venture.

Summer 2011.

That’s how long I’ve been working at this kind of success.

7 short years of learning what does and doesn’t work in business.

7 short years of failing, err I mean learning.

7 short years of getting knocked down, getting back up and getting knocked down again.

I would go on to work at a law firm, sell insurance, cars, logistics, beverages, rigging, custom fabrication & wire rope, billboards, custom apparel, sports apparel, hunting equipment, workout supplements, Instagram accounts, Digital & Social Media Marketing, flower headbands and things I’m sure I’m forgetting before finding my purpose in life as a Business & Success Coach.

It was through all of the experiences in my life that I was able to find my own way to success.

This story isn’t about me though.

Yes I have had my best start of a month ever this April and am in complete gratitude.

This is about the people who have invested in themselves to grow and learn as much as they can to duplicate this success using The Agency Expansion Model.

They take their success serious and are putting their money where their mouths are.

They are learning from my mistakes so that they don’t have to make them.

Like a young gangbanger I call my dad once said to his 7 year old son, “E, I fucked up so you wouldn’t have to”.

Granted I still made my share of mistakes I now know what he meant by those words more than ever.

It is my purpose, passion and duty to see my clients win. To see them creating their dream lives. To assist them every step of the way.

What has led to my success is the exact same system they use to have their successes.

👉 One of them recently got their first client in less than 2 weeks of working together.
👉 One picked up 3 clients in one week within a month.
👉 One quit their job.
👉 One started their own successful Social Media Marketing Agency.
👉 Another went 3 months of making no money only to make profit the first week of working together!

There are so many more stories of success but will spare your eyes.

Besides my daughter, they are why I wake up in the morning and do my best day in and day out.

This is why I’m so passionate about The Mamba Method and what it can do for YOU!

I’ve got room for 2-3 more 1:1 clients this month and am giving them all of my tools, funnels and everything that I’ve got.

If you want to go from making $5k per month to $10+ per month comment “Me” below!

Overwhelmed with gratitude right now.

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