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There’s nothing more satisfying as a Business Coach than seeing your clients grow and have massive success in their businesses and lives.

Client & Student

Video Testimonials

“In my experience working with Eddie Smith, he really knows his stuff. The first time when I joined, I was a little skeptical at first. I really didn’t know much about Social Media but after talking to him, it was plain to me what needed to happen. He was going to get me the results.

He gave me a whole plan on what to do. Still going through the whole learning process but I was able to close one client already by locking them in for a 6 and 12 month deal. The results are real. I highly recommend Eddie because he knows his stuff. You can reach him whenever you need help and he will help you right there on the spot.” Javier Martinez

Owner, XpressReception

“I am an avid Instagrammer myself and a person who has experience under his belt by growing an Instagram page and there were some golden nuggets that he touched upon. He really gives you a thorough explanation of the Instagram algorithm and how to go viral. He knows what he is doing and he loves helping people.”

“His insight is invaluable, beyond measure. I hit almost 1 Million Impressions just off of the FREE information Eddie has given! Every piece of information he puts out has value in it.” Josh, Aljaz, & Przmk

Social Media Gurus, Instagram Mastermind Marketing Class

“This is a special shout-out to Eddie Smith who, in the last couple of months, has really helped me continue to grow a thriving Digital Marketing Agency. I had a lot of challenges with how to position myself and how to get myself out there. I connected with Eddie after seeing some of his posts. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

My business is now booming. I’ve had a lot of coaches and mentors. Eddie is the first one I have never had to question whether he’s going to be there for me. Eddie, I appreciate everything you’ve done and I am super stoked for our work our working relationship while my agency grows!” Ed Mochrie


“I have been a social media strategist for over 9 years. About a year ago I decided I was going to start my own agency as a side hustle. For past year I have been inconsistent and was unsure how to price myself. Whenever I saw Eddie doing a video about Facebook ads and how he built his agency, I made the decision to work with him.

In these three months that I have worked with him I have gotten my business structure. I picked my niche. He helped me pick my clients. He helped me fire my clients. I am excelling. Every single month I keep making more and more in my own agency. Eddie has set this benchmark and it inspires me to keep up with him and other people in the industry. Working with him has skyrocketed my income and my agency. I just continue to grow. Last month I have had the highest I have ever made in my agency!” Laurel Portie

Co-CEO & Co-Owner, Ratchet Ventures LLC

“First three months, consecutively, I was in the red. I did not have enough clients to sustain myself and I had been losing money. From the very first conversation that I had with Eddie, he proved to be one of the few coaches who genuinely cared enough for his clients and will be to make sure that you succeed.

I just completely crushed my sales goal and I’m now on track to hit six figures at the end of 2018 and I could not have done that without Eddie. So, if you have anything going on in your life whether it’s your head or your personal life, Eddie will not rest until he will fix that for you. He will fight for you and he will be whatever you need in order for you to completely dominate whatever it is you’re looking to dominate.” Andrea Misir

Chief Social & Digital Marketer

“My name is Patrick Amadou from Brisbane Australia. I’m a Critical Care Paramedic but I’m also an Online Fitness Health Nutrition Coach on Instagram. I used to work with three different companies to grow my account and the results of them were horrible.  the results were ranging from like scoring 7.5k.

Working with Eddie, I had 88k Impressions in one week. Incredible! After that, two weeks I had between 5 to 10 Million Impressions!! From 88k to 10 Million Impressions in less than 2 weeks! Unreal, really. So, if you are thinking about growing your account or what so ever, stop thinking and start doing. The support you get is outstanding! I don’t know when Eddie sleeps. I don’t really have any idea, but I guess he doesn’t sleep. Eddie, thank you so much for supporting me!” Patrick Amadeu

Founder, Lifestyle Systems - Patrick Amadeu

“If you haven’t heard of your Favorite Business And Success Coach Named Eddie J Smith III, I strongly encourage you to follow his program. Join it, see everything that he’s talking about. Because not only did the Online Course and his Facebook Group help me surpass my goals and the visions that I had for myself.

The personal phone calls, coaching, and hours that I spent with Eddie talking to him individually as a student, really helped me catapult myself out of that comfort zone. I didn’t understand why I kept hitting roadblock after roadblock. I didn’t understand why or how my mindset was holding me back from going to the next level. Eddie helped me unlock those doors for myself.” Njeri Cooper

Founder, Global Investment Society

“I want to send a big thank you to Eddie because you helped me to get my business to the next level. I remember the call we had a month ago and when I had the call with you, I didn’t know what or where to point, even where I knew everything about Instagram and braiding, but I didn’t put it into action and this is why we didn’t have any customers.

With the coaching you gave me and the conversation we have had, you helped me to give flight – you gave me some sort of permission to go out there and sell my expertise in the field I have. It really helped me more on a on a mental level to get there.

So many people will be happy with your service, including me, so big thank you to you. We can now show other potential customers what they can get and will get. We even have a bigger network now and we look forward to making it to the next level.”


From zero to 4 clients and being able to support his family completely with his Social Media Marketing Agency. Proud of you brother was a pleasure working with you!If you suck at sales but are good at what you do let’s change that!Hit me up 💰💰

Posted by Eddie Smith on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Client & Student

Written Testimonials

“If you are interested in SCALING your business tremendously, Eddie is the REAL DEAL! He has proven his worth many times over (trust he has the social proof to back it up) INTERNATIONALLY, and has become highly respected in the industry……… His coaching and training is TOP NOTCH! Ask his students and clients!!  (I am one of them) Eddie Smith is a Mentor For Marketers, Coaches, and Business Owners (big or small). He will teach you how to Get Clients Faster and show your how it is done.” Theresa Norwood

President, Norwood Legacy Corporation

“I HIGHLY suggest you invest in Eddie Smith’s IG Master Class. This is seriously the best FULL, in depth training you could possibly ask for! It’ll help you so much, it’s helped me grow my business quickly!” Alisha Leehan

Entrepreneur, Ignite the Fire

“So today I had a mastermind class with Eddie. The MasterMind was for 2 hours but Eddie passed that and kept sharing the insights even after 2 hours. This Man is a #Instagram Magician. People who love their Insta profiles, they need to consult with Eddie.  He will boost up your accounts.

He will give more returns than what you will invest. He shared his years’ research, tactics and organic methods that he uses to grow the Instagram account. If you still struggling with your Instagram account then Eddie is the Solution to your problems. Thanks Eddie for organizing the MasterMind.

2 Weeks Later (update): 

“From 300 to 41.7k impression (still counting) it genuinely feels pretty awesome. Thanks to Eddie Smith for some insights and key points in Masterclass.” Amitabh Songara

Growth Hacking Consultant

“I met one person yesterday and got really impressed. The way of talking and really the helping nature. He helped me a lot to grow my Insta and now going to avail his course undoubtedly 😍😍😍. Love you brother Thanks for your help. Please always help me when I need!” Utsav Chopra


“Hey man, just wanted to reach out and say thank you bro. Your live stream I just watched truly inspired me. I’ve had the week from hell and I was feeling down, like I didn’t want to do much. You made me feel a bit better man! Just wanted you to know you made a difference in my life this morning. Thank you. I needed that!!!” Josh Gravel

CEO, JDG Marketing

“I have to give you guys in here a MAJOR shoutout! I was watching Eddie Smith live pro tips last night and I picked up so much, all these little tips here and there really add up. I’ve also been working my way through the other video’s in this group steadily and Enrico Lugnan latest video on hash tagging, WOW!

Seriously you guys are the real deal, no bulls%*t, no easy fixes or get quick rich schemes, just the truth. Nothing worth having comes without hard work and its so refreshing to see people spreading that message 🤗.”

Blanaid May

Digital Marketing Strategist, May Smith Media

“I had a 1 on 1 with Eddie to discuss my goals and how to go about promotion of my business. Already received two new clients for next week!!! Thank you so much for your help!!! Anyone looking for someone to help with your business… No matter what it is Eddie’s the man.” Ki Montgomery


“So i thought id give a little write of the effect the masterclass has had on my IG account @lombardilife. Prior to the class I had about 980 post and was following nearly 5000 people while having already 19k followers. I noticed that my posts were getting little engagement and low impressions.

Then, I participated in the masterclass that eddie smith conducted which covered in detail every aspect of IG, the algorithm and how you effectively post content that will further your reach. Well below is screen shots of actual posts on my pagbe. Now the first three are the highest engagement/impressions posts that i had prior to the class.

Now the other posts which are current, well the results speak for themselves. I also dropped 4500 accounts i was following and will be dropping a further 500 to make sure I only follow accounts relevant to my niche. And yes i deleted any post that wasn’t related to coffee so went from 980 or so to about 180.

Thank you Eddie for all your help and have really made IG easier for me to understand and grow!!!”

Daniel Lombardi

Entrepreneur, Barista Essentials

“I took Eddie’s training! Hat’s off! I couldn’t wait to start implementing the knowledge gained from his masterclass. I was up all night applying it! What I love about the knowledge he gives (at a fraction of the cost of anyone) is that it’s real. His knowledge is a result of his hard work. He has he results to back it all!

My results, I have never gone viral before. Yesterday, I had 300 followers. Right now almost 1k! This is all thanks to Eddie Smith classes, training and coaching!” Erik Wotjecki


“Stoked to be working with Grow Global U to improve our Instagram engagement and following!! Shoutout to Eddie Smith for helping us out! Hit him up to step up your insta game. 🙏🏻” Rob Serafin

Producer & DJ, 2FAC3D

“Last nights Instagram class was a blast. Some people were up past their bedtime! Thanks to Eddie Smith for all your patience with us Instagram newbies!!! I cannot believe how much we learned and how amazing our profiles look!! The posts are flowing this morning and it is energizing!!

I actually got a new client for my energy healing business just from last nights changes to my Instagram account…. I would say it was totally worth it!” Kathy Bolda Rogge


“Before I worked with Eddie Smith, I was struggling to make my online business work. Quit honestly I was doing everything by myself – creating products, learning about email marketing, and generally just trying to understand, not only how to make money online, but also how to run an online business.

While I had some parts right, I still was having trouble understanding how everything was suppose to work together as a unit. I was first introduced to Eddie because I took his Instagram marketing class. Because I was pleased with what I had learned about Instagram, I still wanted to know more about business as a whole and I was ready to learn everything he would teach me.

I enjoyed working with Eddie because he not only laid out for me how an appropriate business model is structured and how it applies to my business, but also the pieces of the puzzle that I was missing. Trying to do this my own way, I made only 2 sales in the span of three months (sadly, ha). After working with Eddie I have been making money ever single day since.

I am so incredibly grateful not just for what I have learned or the money that I have made, but because now I feel like I have a better understanding of where I want my business to go and what I need to do to get there. I would absolutely recommend Eddie for those who want to move their business forward with both a solid vision and structure, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Eddie!

Sarah F. Kreuz

Reiki Practitioner, Energetic Coach & Podcaster

“Eddie’s trainings are amazing! He drops HUGE value every single time and he provides you insights that no one else does. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more from him!” Abu Huraira

Social Media Marketing Specialist

“Hey Eddie just posted this in your private Grow Global U group . Seriously amped for Friday’s course. I have had some one on one time consulting time with you these last 2 months and it has helped me tremendously understand the workings of IG. As someone who had no idea about that sector of social media he really took the time and effort to make sure I had all the tools to succeed.

Best investment ever made was taking that consulting from you!!!! Can’t wait till Friday to sharpen my skills Eddie Smith!!!” Adam Lawrence


“Awesome masterclass this is so much value for the money and no b.s. I have more notes from this class than my senior year of college. All joking aside you the man Eddie Smith thanks! 🔥🔥🔥Jesse Wilde


“On the 4th of November I was struggling with Insta, didn’t seem to get the right things happening. I took a gamble, investing in Eddie Smith and his masterclass on the 16th of November, paying someone I hardly new some money I didn’t know would get a ROI or not.

Well, on the 25th I had my first “viral / trending video” which clocked over 69,000 views, to me, I was ecstatic!! Previously on my own my best had been maybe 2,000-6,000 views. On the 26th, I posted again, this result: cartwheels in the lounge room!! 422,000 views!!

Now on the 27th, I posted again, and this time 470,000 views!! And lastly late last night, one final post, the image attached shows my current views!! Safe to say Eddie know his shit!!! If you haven’t looked into investing with him: DO IT!!” David Lim







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