Are you struggling to get from $5,000 monthly recurring revenue to $10,000?

I know why.

You aren’t focused.

I’ve been on multiple calls with prospective clients and new clients recently that are making the same mistakes.


I can relate I was there myself before investing in High Ticket Coaches who were there to help me cut through the shit.

It’s the one thing that a course can not teach.

I’ve spoken with people who have purchased several courses and still have no direction.

It’s really simple and once I realized just how simple it was I felt really stupid that I hadn’t focused sooner…

It’s the first thing I work out with my new clients and point out in my Business Strategy Calls.

Here’s what it looks like:

1) Build up your audience with the right people.
2) Get their attention in the right way.
3) Deliver them VALUE. Real value. Don’t leave out key pieces to the puzzle.
4) Be consistent. Rinse and repeat.
5) Have focused goals and milestones. Clear intentions.

That’s Audience Building 101.

I call it the Mamba Method.

It’s the system I use to keep my PIPELINE full and teach my clients it as well.

Some people I speak too don’t even know what a pipeline is. 🤦‍♂️

If you are struggling to go from $5,000 monthly recurring revenue to the $10,000 MRR range you aren’t keeping your pipeline full. You aren’t focused on the right activities.

I can help you.

I’ve helped one person quit their job.

Countless others increase their monthly revenue.

I was able to go from $5,000 to $10,000 monthly revenue without using paid traffic.

You can too.

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