I was speaking with client recently who has fallen on some hard times in their Luxury Spa and needs to create some instant income.

That’s where I come in..

👉 Insert The Agency Expansion Model.

The strategy is simple enough and can be duplicated by ANY Salon, Spa, Gym or similar brick and mortar service based business.

Here’s the run down.

Your top services are the following:

👉 Facials $75-$100
👉 Pedicures $25-$50
👉 Spray Tans $25-$50
👉 IPL Treatment $500-$750
👉 Physical Products $50-$100
👉 Full Body Brazilian Waxes $200-$400

[Here’s your VIP Spa Package]

26 Facials/Year – $2,600
26 Pedicures/Year – $1,300
26 Spray Tans/Year – $1,300
12 IPL Treatments/Year – $9,000
12 Full Body Brazilian Waxes/Year – $4,800
10% off all Products

[Total Value $19,000]

Now these are all services that women invest in already regularly.

All you’re doing is providing them with a set number of them each year and therefore making their life more convenient.

If you market this simple package at say, $5,000 – $7,500, only allow 10 people to purchase it per month you could create a massive demand for it.

You could have a waiting list each month of women who want to get that kind of value for such a steal of a price.

Now you’re looking at $50k-$75k cash each month.

Most people are probably thinking that this is a huge discount why would you do it?

It’s all service oriented offerings with little overhead.

You’re creating a massive buzz with your best clients and customers.

You don’t have to worry about it coming in or not because if you execute the marketing properly you will have a waiting list of women waiting to sign up and give you their money.

Just like gym memberships, most people will pay and not take full advantage of what they paid for.

So you just made $600k-$900k in a year to create a “VIP Spa Program”, women are raving about your Spa & you have a new opportunity to create additional income streams.

That’s the power of having a Business Coach.

That’s The Agency Expansion Model.

That’s why I love Sales & Marketing so much.

Let me know if you gained value from this post and share it with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

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