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01. Strategic

Visualize, Strategize, and Execute! Sales & Marketing are the Life and Blood of Your Business. It is Important to Strategically Invest in Yourself and Your Growth. NO EXCUSES!

If You are Ready to Up Level and Start Celebrating Your Additional $100k in Sales Within the Next 12 Months, Even Better – In a 30 Day Period, Let’s Talk!

02. intentional

People Always Ask Me How I Have Been Able to Grow My Brand So Quickly. One Obvious Reason is That I Have Invested More Than $40k in My Own Business & Success Coaches and Mentors.

This is Not by Accident! It is Extremely Deliberate and Intentional. It is the Product of Me Implementing Proven Systems, Strategies, and Practicing What I Teach My Own Clients.

03. consistent

No Matter How Big the Odds are Against You, There Will Always Be a Way Because Success Loves Commitment and Consistency. You Can Find a Way or You Can Find an Excuse.

You Lose Every Opportunity You Don’t Take. When You Invest Fully Into Your Vision, The Universe Will Conspire in Your Favor. Stay Focused. Stay Consistent.

Internationally Validated

Business & Success Coach

I Am an International Business & Success Coach Mentoring to Social Media Marketing Agencies, Other Business & Success Coaches, And High-Ticket Digital Influencers. I Will Ignite Your Desired Success with Massive Fire to Up Level Your Business. You will see Exponential Growth of Qualified Leads and Increased Conversions as I Show You How to Become A Sales and Marketing Beast!

My Proven Track Record Over the Last 14+ Years Include Massive Wins in Entertainment, Digital, and Social Media Marketing. In Addition to this, I Am an Expert in Public Relations with Extensive Experience in All Realms of Media to Include Print, Radio, and Television Broadcasting Platforms. I Am A Sales, Media, And Marketing Savage and Can Take Your Agency To 6 Figures Per Year, Then on to 6 Figures Every Month if You are Ready to Dominate and Take Action!

You Can Be A Victim or A Victor. The Choice Is Yours.

Learn How to Explode Your Business!


Social Proof

Testimonials Speak Truth

“In my experience working with Eddie Smith, he really knows his stuff. The first time when I joined, I was a little skeptical at first. I really didn’t know much about Social Media but after talking to him, it was plain to me what needed to happen. He was going to get me the results.

He gave me a whole plan on what to do. Still going through the whole learning process but I was able to close one client already by locking them in for a 6 and 12 month deal. The results are real. I highly recommend Eddie because he knows his stuff. You can reach him whenever you need help and he will help you right there on the spot.”

Javier Martinez

Owner, XpressReception

“First three months, consecutively, I was in the red. I did not have enough clients to sustain myself and I had been losing money. From the very first conversation that I had with Eddie, he proved to be one of the few coaches who genuinely cared enough for his clients and will be to make sure that you succeed.

I just completely crushed my sales goal and I’m now on track to hit six figures at the end of 2018 and I could not have done that without Eddie. So, if you have anything going on in your life whether it’s your head or your personal life, Eddie will not rest until he will fix that for you. He will fight for you and he will be whatever you need in order for you to completely dominate whatever it is you’re looking to dominate.”

Andrea Misir

Chief Social & Digital Marketer

“I have been a social media strategist for over 9 years. About a year ago I decided I was going to start my own agency as a side hustle. For past year I have been inconsistent and was unsure how to price myself. Whenever I saw Eddie doing a video about Facebook ads and how he built his agency, I made the decision to work with him.

In these three months that I have worked with him I have gotten my business structure. I picked my niche. He helped me pick my clients. He helped me fire my clients. I am excelling. Every single month I keep making more and more in my own agency. Eddie has set this benchmark and it inspires me to keep up with him and other people in the industry. Working with him has skyrocketed my income and my agency. I just continue to grow. Last month I have had the highest I have ever made in my agency!”

Laurel Portie

Co-CEO & Co-Owner, Ratchet Ventures LLC

“This is a special shout-out to Eddie Smith who, in the last couple of months, has really helped me continue to grow a thriving Digital Marketing Agency. I had a lot of challenges with how to position myself and how to get myself out there. I connected with Eddie after seeing some of his posts. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

My business is now booming. I’ve had a lot of coaches and mentors. Eddie is the first one I have never had to question whether he’s going to be there for me. Eddie, I appreciate everything you’ve done and I am super stoked for our work our working relationship while my agency grows!”

Ed Mochrie


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