The year was 2015 and I was searching for a meaning in life. I was coming out of 3 back to back to back toxic relationships that completely drained me.


I had been bouncing from job to job hating the fact that I had to work for someone else to make money to support myself. I was barely able to support myself with the job that I had at the time and was saving up to be able to move overseas to the United Kingdom or Spain. I knew after my Study Abroad Trip in 2011 that I wanted to live overseas.


How though?


This was the same year that I found out that I was going to become a father. February 4th is a day that I will always remember because it was the day I found out that I was going to become a father. No more overseas for me.


I needed some new ways to bring in money besides working at a bar after working my regular job and so I hit up my friend, “big brother” and now mentor who runs a 7 figure business himself in the E-Commerce space Brandyn and asked him what I should do.


Brandyn had been telling me for years (since I was 18 to be exact) that I needed to become a Business & Success Coach. He would tell me to watch this person and that person but I just couldn’t comprehend it. I didn’t want to comprehend it. I was stuck in the Matrix. Shit, might as well call me Neo and Brandyn was Morpheus.


I was ready to swallow the “Red Pill”.


Brandyn told me that I had missed out on the Facebook game but could get into the E-Commerce game still and have some success. He would teach me about Key Performance Metrics and how to run Facebook Ads.


I would be engulfed by a new world and slowly over the next 3 years I would learn more and more about this industry. I would meet friends like Sascha and Samuel who would show me even more and absorb as much as I could from my main life mentor Brandyn. He’s my brother but he is also my mentor. I tell him this often.


This is where my online journey began. Facebook Ads and E-Commerce. It’s crazy to thinks its been 3 years since then.


Over that time I’ve been developing The Agency Expansion Model which I teach my High End Clients.


I’ve been blessed with amazing mentors in Facebook Ads, Life and Business like Brandyn James and Samuel Stebbings who spend millions of dollars per year on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Between them and taking courses on Facebook Ads for the last 3 years I’ve been able to run profitable ads for myself and my clients.


Why am I giving you this for free?


I want to see you win and I know that the right people will benefit from this knowledge.


It’s my mission to teach The Agency Expansion Model to over 1,000,000 people in my lifetime.


This is how YOU can use The Agency Expansion Model to Grow Your Business To $100,000 In Less Than 1 Year Using Facebook Ads.


  1. Identify Target Market & Behavioral/Psychological Patterns
  2. Prospect – See who is already spending money in advertising via Billboards, Radio, Television, Online & Social Media. Check out Kantar and Nielsen are good to do research.
  3. Benchmark & Reverse Engineer top competitors
    1. Use Audience Insights to see their fans top page likes
    2. Repeat this for 3-4 of your top competitors and get a list of about 20-25 interests that their fans are into.
    3. Use this information to target their market.
  4. Create Copy & Ads based on the Behavioral/Psychological Patterns you identified in steps 1 and 3.
  5. Call all prospects you see currently advertising.
  6. Run Facebook Ads to your competitors fans to scale larger.
    1. Identify your Key Performance Metrics
    2. CPC, CPL, CPA, AOV, ROI
    3. You need 2:1 ROI to be profitable in your Ads.
    4. If your AOV is $1,000 then you can only afford to spend $500 CPA.
    5. Your Max Ad Spend for all of this needs to be $50,000 or less.
      1. CPA x Desired Clients
    6. That means that you have to keep your CPL at or below $5 if you want to acquire 100 new clients.
      1. Max Ad Spend/Total Leads Needed
    7. If you’re only converting 1% of your leads into clients then you’ll need 10,000 leads to get 100 clients.
      1. Desired Clients/1%
    8. This means your CPC needs to be $1 or less on 50,000 clicks.
      1. I’d run a webinar funnel or landing page and you usually convert on average 20% of the people who land.
      2. Total Clicks Needed
        1. Total Leads Needed/20% = 50,000 clicks
      3. CPC
        1. Max Ad Spend/Total Clicks Needed = $1
  7. Now you know how much you need to spend to make $100,000 running Facebook Ads.
  8. Repeat this process 2 twice and you will have cleared $100,000 after ad spend.

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